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Emily DVD
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Story [ストーリー]

Emily spent every day in loneliness.
I was a only friend of such her.
One day, in order that I might make a photo book of her and her favorite place, I had a camera and decided to go to her favorite place with her.
A few days later, when I watched the photograph which oneself took…
I just have known the Emily's secret.



About [概要]

Concept: Almost all people feel fear and do not want to approach and do not want to turn eyes. …I give such space-time value.
Background: I watched the dream; I make friends with a ghost and, at the time of geocide, I separated from her. This event was the opportunity when I intended to make this work. I become the feeling of the ghost, and want to think; thought so.
- This is the first video-art work of M.A Films(Madam M.A = *Akari Matsuda*Now, renamed to Akari Mazda.).

コンセプト: 怖くて近寄りたくない・目を向けたくない...そんな時空に価値を与える。
背景: 幽霊と友達になり地球滅亡の際に別れてしまう、という夢を見た。これをきっかけに、幽霊の気持ちになって考えてみようと思った。
- 本作品はM.A Films(Madam M.A = *Akari Matsuda*現在Akari Mazda)初のビデオアート作品である。

M.A Films presents / film by Akari Matsuda / music by Akari Matsuda / production designer Akari Matsuda / sound effects by Akari Matsuda / written by Akari Matsuda / produced by Akari Matsuda / directed by Akari Matsuda / (c) Akari Matsuda All Rights Reserved. info@emily-film.com